Battle Helm Rating

I love doing this because I get to hear bands that I would normally not get in touch with. Like Czech Republic’s EXIT EMPIRE. They were kind enough to contact me inquiring into me being interested in reviewing this. Of course, I said yes. And now that I sit here with their album in my hands I can tell you that this is one massive piece of metal. for lack of a better description I will place this in the modern metal bracket. This incorporates so many different styles that I find it hard to pin point them all. This can be my age talking but I do get a new wave feel when I listen to this. Like if Ultravox had gone metal, or Bronski Beat gone metal. And since I am grew up with the whole 80s new wave/goth/rock/metal sounds I often find myself being back in my childhood. But EXIT EMPIRE are so much more than my musical memories from the 80s. This is very contemporary and modern, atmospheric as well as aggressive. Very much In Flames as it is Slipknot. This is one album that totally knocked me out, blew my socks of and dropped my jaw to my knees. An album I had to hear even though I knew nothing of its existence. Two thumbs up and every toes crossed. Anders Ekdahl

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