EXIT “Traces Of Human Existence”

“Traces Of Human Existence”
(Art Gates Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I love death/thrash almost as much as I love deathrash. This Swiss unit has been at it for 20 years and released numerous albums over the period of time yet I cannot for the life of me remember ever having heard of them. I am not too sure that I would have cared that much for them had I been there from the start. But that is all speculations now. What I have to go on is this new album. This is now and then was then. I wasn’t too impressed by the first track but as I continued listen I changed my mind. This is some serious angry death/thrash metal. I would say that this is much more thrash than anything else. At times I come to think of a much more angry The Haunted with Marco Aro on vocals. That is how good this album actually turned out to be. A really nice one to drop in on me. Anders Ekdahl

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