EXMORTIS “Darkened Path Revealed”

“Darkened Path Revealed”
(Necroharmonic Records)
I have no idea how many bands that I’ve lent an ear or two to over the years. Some I don’t even remember any more, others have stayed with me for no apparent reason other than that they must have made an impression. Exmortis I hadn’t lent an ear to for decades before I was contacted about interviewing them. I did have fond memories of that one 7” they released back in the days. The interview you’ve already read I hope. “Darkened Path Revealed” is a collection of the stuff they did get round to record before they split/took a break. This is death metal the way it sounded in the late 80s/early 90s before old school was something cool and hip. This was top of the line back then and should be judged as that today too. Deriving directly from the masters Possessed and Death and in fullest competition with Morbid Angel and all those Floridian bands that was popping up this was the stuff we listened to and held in highest regard. Had it not been for bands like Exmortis many of today’s death metal bands would not sound the way they did. And although they’ve never been given any credit Exmortis together with a handful more bands paved the way, mowed the lawns and watered the plants for others to come. Listen to this because you are a death metal fan and not because you’re feeling nostalgic. This is timeless music. If “Darkened path Revealed” with its 18 tracks isn’t enough there’s another Exmortis CD called “Unhallowed Grave” for you to check out along with a brand spanking new CD out on Xtreem Records. This is as good as it gets when it comes to Exmortis. All hail Exmortis. Anders Ekdahl

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