EXMORTIS “Resurrection… The Book Of The Dead”

“Resurrection… Book Of The Dead”
(Xtreem Music)
Not so long ago I reviewed Exmortis entire back-catalogue and I enjoyed every moment of it. Now it is time for a brand spanking new MCD to go under the knife. Will it be just as good as the old stuff but different or will it be just as good as the old stuff but a continuation. That this will be good I have no doubts about. How could it be anything but good? Death metal the old (but not old school) way can never be wrong. And boy is this great stuff. From the word go (after the intro) I’m blasted away by the shear attack of Exmortis death metal. That we all are pushing 50 seem to have no impact on either Brian Werking or me. This is the Rolling Stones/Beatles of my generation. This is the music we will take with us to our graves. Who cares if our loved ones don’t get it? We were there and we will be there till the end. Looking for the latest melodeath band, look elsewhere. Looking for some pretty damn fine death metal, look no further. Anders Ekdahl

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