Exorcism – “World In Sin”


Exorcism – “World In Sin” EP (Dream Records)

While it might be going too far to suggest that Csaba Zvekan is the reincarnation of Ronnie James Dio, he is undoubtedly inspired by him in no small measure but to his credit actually sounds a lot like him too. Classically trained since the age of 4, Zvekan is today a reputable singer / composer who fronts a number of bands, Exorcism being his group dedicated to Dio and Dio era Sabbath. Although an accomplished multi instrumentalist himself, he has chosen to assemble a multi national ensemble of studio musicians to contribute to this limited edition 5 track EP – printed in only 666 copies naturally! While not thankfully attempting to clone Tony Iommi’s legendary guitar sound (god forbid!) Exorcism definitely have early 80s Sabbath in their sound especially in their thick but groovy doom rhythm, while the guitars themselves interestingly are neo classical especially in their flowing solos which seemed to be all over the songs (given there must’ve been 2-3 guitarists on each track) like ‘Black Star’, ‘Sahara’ and ‘Black Day In Paradise’! As mentioned Zvekan’s vocals are to be admired, holding their range and pitch perfectly and he does fine justice to his late but unforgettable idol, making “World In Sin” both a fine tribute as well as worthy exposé to his own obvious capability.

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