EXPULSER “The Unholy One”

“The Unholy One”
(Greyhaze Records)

Battle Helm Rating

You gotta love the Floridian record label GreyHaze for rereleasing all these classic Brazilian extreme metal gems. I am familiar with most of the bands in one way or another. Some I have heard and others I have just read about. I don’t think I ever got to hear EXPULSER but judging from this 1992 album they took a page or two from the early book of Sepultura and then twisted into even more to make it some sort of deathly metal assault. Listening to this today makes me almost nostalgic, and I don’t get nostalgic at all. But it makes me feel like this was a part of me growing up and becoming who I am today. So this kinda metal will always have a huge place in my metal heart. And it doesn’t make things worse when it is as cool as this is. Anders Ekdahl

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