Extol – “Extol”

Extol – “Extol” (Indie Recordings)

Extol are an eclectic Christian metal band who actually formed in the early 90s and then split in 2007, only to reform last year! Similar in concept to that of Opeth and Enslaved, they mix a wide variety of styles from soothing prog melodies and synthed ELO vocal harmonies to harsh vocals, crunching bass lines and driving drum work. In between epic solos and more atmospheric keyboards build the complexity and ever changing landscape of songs like ‘A Gift Beyond Human Reach’, ‘Behold The Sun’ and ‘Open The Gates. It’s certainly quite an experience so little wonder that the band take their name from being exalted! According to the band this album is a summation of their 20 year career and although planned, never materialized, so even if it’s the last we hear from them (as the members are now playing in other bands), Extol have closed the book on a high note.

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