Extremity – “Coffin Birth”

Extremity – “Coffin Birth” (20 Buck Spin) 

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Adding to Oakland’s already rich heritage of bands like Machine Head, Vio-lence and Heathen comes Extremity, a death metal band no less in a sea of thrash. Wisely taking inspiration from neighbours Autopsy as well as legends like Death and Immolation, this (presently) trio feature a very cool dual male / female vocal combination in twin guitarists Shelby Lermo and Marissa Martinez-Hoadley who between them delivery plenty of grim and nasty riffing while backed by a fiery kick ass back beat. Formed by members of underground bands like Vastum, Ludicra, Agalloch, Repulsion and Cretin, Extremity is their ode to old school death metal and while keeping to the formula offers plenty of refinements showing a higher pedigree of musicianship as reflected in the album’s artwork by Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste, Autopsy, Toxic Holocaust) and recording this 8 tracker in renowned Earhammer Studios. Formed only last year, the band’s critically acclaimed 5 track mini album “Extremely Fucking Dead” has prompted this full length debut, graced from slow funeral death parades to plenty of psychopathic death rampages! Whirring in viciously on ‘Where Evil Dwells’ the pace soon takes a heavier tempo with the twin down tuned guitars weighing in to add plenty of malevolence before the twin vocals rip and tear you before some very tasty soloing adds the coup de grâce. As I said, the back beat really makes the sound and there’s a mutha of it towards the end of the number and continues into ‘Grave Mistake’ which is slowly macabre before spazzing out into a roaring tear up that would have the blessing of arch demon Chris Reifert! The twin vocals here work a treat and not because they are contrasting but rather layered with Marissa’s feminine tones only being markedly higher than Shelby’s growls and roars meaning there is even more bark blast power in their combination. Closing with ‘Misbegotten’ Aesop Dekker really starts swinging on his hard hitting drums with plenty of cymbals as the twin guitars go into diddly dee driller killer Death mode before slowing to graveyard cortege pace faded out to feedback – excellent! Definitely a band on the up and clearly one to watch out for. 

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