EXTREMITY “Coffin Birth”

“Coffin Birth”
(20 Buck Spin)

Battle Helm Rating

Oakland might not be too known for its death metal. Or, I don’t know really. It is just that I cannot really think of too many death metal bands that call Oakland home. But EXTREMITY does. And this is some really cool old school death metal. If you think Gruesome are too Death-like this might perhaps be more up your alley. To my ears this is like a mix of 90s Swedish death metal and what Death did on the first three albums. In other words, this is classic death metal. The stuff that I grew up with. That shaped my whole existence. So for me to not like this it have to be so shitty that I wouldn’t even waste one word on it. And as I am getting close to the end of this review it is pretty obvious that I like this album. Anders Ekdahl

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