Exumer – “Fire & Damnation”

Exumer – “Fire & Damnation” (Metal Blade Records)

Blimey, Germany’s Exumer are the stuff cult bands are made from – and then some! Formed way back in 1985 by singer/bassist Mem Von Stein and guitarist Ray Mensh, Exumer became Germany’s legendary thrash export, probably being one of the first thrash acts to reach an unusually large following outside of Germany, even into unknown countries like Brazil and Poland. Yet despite all this potential, the band broke up in 1990 owing to internal feuds – until their one off reunion at Wacken in 2001, where it became clear that Exumer’s name had been anything but forgotten. Since 2008 Exumer have been active and touring once again globally, affirming their status as a much sought after classic thrash band. So what do we make of “Fire & Damnation”? The more critically minded might allege a cash in but I would say it’s taking care of unfinished business from a band who never fully realized their potential. Whatever the case, “Fire & Damnation” is essentially a throwback back to those heady thrash days of the 80s: primitive, aggressive and ugly, songs like ‘Vermin Of The Sky’, ‘Crushing Point’ and ‘Devil Chaser’ feature scything buzz saw guitars, insane wailing soloing, glass-in-throat vocals, thwacking snare drum a plenty and of course, liberal use of those double bass drums! There’s absolutely nothing modern about this album, and whilst their peers like Kreator, Slayer & Sodom have moved on, Exumer have continued as they left off, satiating the undead armies of thrashers who walk the world over craving brutalo holocausto.

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