Exxplorer – “Vengeance Rides An Angry Horse”

“Vengeance Rides An Angry Horse”
(Pure Steel Records)

Holy time travel – am I back in ’84?! Fuckin Exxplorer, the US metal band who recorded “Symphonies Of Steel” are back – and best of all, it sounds just like it did back in those early days: raw guitar, early heavy / power metal melodies and most of all, original vocalist Lennie Rizzo’s high end vocals. I really can’t believe it’s new material – it’s that astonishingly authentic to what it was three decades ago and as tracks like opener ‘Gypsy’, ‘Valley Of Doom’ and instrumental ‘The Vengeance’ steam in, you too are caught in the time warp tornado of old school metal! The band look remarkably good after all these years and best of all, the Priest and Maiden inspirations are still so up front, as Exxplorer have proudly sought not to mask or hide them in any way. I can’t believe how good this is – it’s so retro and yet it ain’t – welcome back boys!

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