EYE BEYOND SIGHT “The Sun And The Flood”

“The Sun And The Flood”
I guess if you throw enough bands against a wall some a bound to stick. I can’t help feeling that that is what Massacre are sort of doing. It feels like I’ve been bombarded by new signings hoping that they are the ones to make it big, most of the m really good though. Eye Beyond Sight have that dragging thrash metal sound that we have Pantera to blame for. This is heavy the way a bulldozer is heavy and slow. There was a time when I thought that slow (and I use that term relatively) was the same as lame. Not anymore. Eye Beyond Sight might not blow my socks off but they sure know how to make my chair rock. This turned out so much better than anything I expected. For some reason I always think of Lemming Project when I hear a band that is this heavy and that I can’t really place musically. All comparisons aside this is thrash metal that I can really enjoy. Anders Ekdahl

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