EYE OF PURGATORY “The Rotting Enigma”

”The Rotting Enigma”
(Iron, Blood and Death Corporation)

Battle Helm Rating

Rogga Johansson! How I wish that I was a prolific as that man. He is the true renaissance man of death metal. Or extreme metal I should perhaps write, although most of his bands/projects are inclined towards death metal. How this man can come up with so much cool death metal is unknown to me but I am grateful that he does as it gives me hours of pleasure listening to it. I have no idea where EYE OF PURGATORY fits in the picture but this is yet another coo slab of death metal. not to brutal, not too melodic, just enough of everything. If you need a lesson in what death metal is all about this is a fine way to start off that lesson. This is in a way 101 in death metal. I love it. Anders Ekdahl

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