Eye of Solitude – “Sui Caedere”

Eye of Solitude – “Sui Caedere” (Kaotoxin Records)

Despite being formed in the bright lights of the city of London, EoS is a funeral doom band – and then some! Crushingly heavy riffs played at plod pace with some beautiful melancholic melodies courtesy of Indee Rehal-Sagoo’s guitarwork form the haunting backdrop to Daniel Neagoe’s guttural vocals on songs like ‘A Note To Say Farewell’, ‘Those Who Don’t Return’ and ‘Yet I Breathe’ which unsurprisingly from their titles deal with suicide, loneliness and hopelessness. Despite its seeming simplicity, Funeral Doom is not an easy style to master, given it really has to come from a heavy heart and reflect a despairing spiritual state to really have an ambient effect on the soul – EoS have indeed achieved this on the 10 gloomy tracks guaranteed to send you into an abyss of depression!

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