EYEFEAR “The Inception Of Darkness”

”The Inception Of Darkness”
I guess that there is something to this bands name that I completely don’t get. EYEFEAR. No matter how I twist and turn this band’s name I don’t get the feel for it. Yeah, I know. For somebody who constantly tells you to not judge the band by its name I comment very often on the band’s names. But, hey that is the first thing you see and what you get a feel for the band from. Musically this is easier to understand. This is symphonic metal. Just from the very first note you can imagine this being bigger than God. There is that feel to it. It is nothing that we haven’t heard before but then there is very little you can do with this sound that hasn’t been done before. So if you like arrangements that are grand and a vocalist that tries to shatter glass then you got your pleasure sorted out. I know that I have. Anders Ekdahl

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