EZ Livin’ – “Firestorm”

ez livin

EZ Livin’ – “Firestorm” (LZ Records/ Sony)

Be still my beating heart! This album has so much soul and passion it set me on afire and that says a lot for a hardened rocker seasoned in the school of hard knocks. With a pedigree line up comprised of main man founder guitarist Hans Ziller (Bonfire) and now with former Accept / Bangaloire Choir vocalist David Reece on the mic, the rest of the band is made up of Paul Morris (Rainbow) on keys, bassist Ronnie Parkes (Tango Down and Seven Witches) and Bonfire’s drummer Harry Reischmann. But it’s those songs man, songs like ‘Loaded Gun’ and ‘The Damage Is Done’ that fill me to the brim with a heavenly intensity that could make angels cry. Sultry beats give way to suave rock drenched riffs that build like an approaching orgasm until the climaxing chorus explodes with lead breaks and harmonies erupting all over the place – man, this album is sex! Add in the fast rockin’ ‘Into The Night’ with Ziller’s chuggin’ yet addictive hard rock riffs and Reece’s sensual purring vocals and this album simply drools full marks to the max. Why they even bother with Uriah Heep’s cover of their namesake song is beyond me as this band has songs so good they could be the blueprints for hard n melodic rock – it’s too damn good baby, too damn good for this ol’ man!

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