F.K.Ü. – “4: Rise Of The Mosh Mongers”

F.K.Ü. – “4: Rise Of The Mosh Mongers” (Napalm Records)

Ümlauts abound – these crazed thrashers from Sweden have been going since ’87 and are still stuck in that era judging by the fact that they read old copies of Metal Forces – Doe ha ha! But musically it’s anything but a laff: F.K.Ü. play lethal old school thrash that pretty much encompasses every style from the thrash era. Scything speed riffs, snapping drums and most of all, those classic thrash beats and rhyming lyrics guaranteed to send any crowd into mosh pit frenzy are stamped all over songs like ‘Scream Bloody Mosher’, ‘Cannibal Detox’ and the epic 4 part ‘The Überslasher’. Musically it’s a mixture of Wehrmacht, Tankard and especially Overkill in Larry Lethal’s high screeching vocals but F.K.Ü. have brought it on in their own commendable way. Worth every damned Ümlaut.

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