FACE OFF “The Colour Of Rain”

”The Colour Of Rain”
(Maple Metal)
FACE OFF is not a hockey tribute nor is it an homage to John Woo. This is a female fronted (how I dislike that term) metal band from the Balkans. I’ve come upon a bunch of bands that originates from that area of Europe and most of them have been great. So I have pretty high hopes for this one based on previous experience. I know that it has become a cliché for bands with a female at the mike to be all goth or symphonic. Thankfully FACE OFF are way heavier than that. I get a heavier Tool feeling when I listen to this. Or a Paramore that has dropped all pop aspirations and gone all heavy metal on us. It might sound weird on paper but once you hear this you will kinda understand where I’m going with this reasoning. And in all this I find myself liking this album. Anders Ekdahl

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