“Ego Death”
(Siege Music)

Battle Helm Rating

As an atheist my God is The Big Bang and my prophet is Evolution so I don’t fear meeting my maker when it is time for me to leave. But it sure does make for a bloody cool band name; FACE YOUR MAKER. It can be because of the name that I expect this to be some sort of thrash metal. But I am not too sure if it is just that. It does have the feel of thrash at the more extreme end of the specter. But then again it could just be that it is death metal. I’ll leave that open for now and just concentrate on the music. This is heavy and aggressive. And it twists and turns more than me at sleep but it isn’t too twirky too not get anywhere. This is the stuff that grows on you and all of a sudden it got you in its net and you cannot escape. Anders Ekdahl

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