FACEBREAKER “Dedicated To The Flesh”

“Dedicated To The Flesh”
(Cyclone Empire)
FACEBREAKER formed in 1999. I have no excuse for why the name seems familiar to me yet I have no memory whatsoever of having heard a single note from them. I must have just read about them. This Swedish lot is supposed to be death metal. What kind it is will be a surprise. This is heavy death metal kinda like I remember Grave playing it on their earlier albums (no comparison other than that sound wise). You could also say that this is Bolt Thrower heavy without the groove. Or Asphyx heavy. You get my drift. This will not set any speed records. But while being heavy this is in no way boring. They do pick up the pace at times not losing the heaviness. This is death metal the way it was played before it all became melodic or melodeath. The kind of death metal we grew up on in the 80s/90s. the kind that still lives on in me and that will be with me until death. Anders Ekdahl

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