FADING BLISS “From Illusion To Despair”

”From Illusion To Despair”
It is not often I get to experience bliss. It might only happen a couple of times during your lifetime, if at all. But to have the bliss fading must be like seeing your money turn into butter. You had it but it slipped from you. What the band FADING BLISS is all about is a whole different story. And what they are about is all about is death doom goth metal like it was played in the 90s by Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and Anathema. This is melancholic and dark like there is no tomorrow. I used to worship at the altar of the unholy British trio in the 90s. I still like that whole dark melancholic metal sound that these three British bands started and that have been carried on by countless bands ever since. This Belgian lot aren’t a happy bunch musically. If you are prone to depressions you might want to stay away from this lot. If you like me find joy in being melancholic you will want to check them out. Nothing new or even remotely innovating but ever so great melancholic death doom goth metal all the way to the bank. Anders Ekdahl

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