FADING CIRCLES “Cyber Whirlwind”

“Cyber Whirlwind”
Romania might be a mythical land courtesy of Count Dracula but since the fall of Ceausescu the land has developed to be a part of the European Union. Romania might not be the greatest deliverer of metal but Negura Bunget has at least made an impact on the worldwide metal scene. Fading Circle as a band seem to be all over the canvas, going from sharp metal to soft progressive in one and the same song. It takes a while to get accustomed to it. If you have a hard time with progressive music one you’d be warned to stay away from Fading Circles and their jazzy approach. I myself am not a big fan of the jazzier side of the progressive metal tree but I’m open to anything once. As it takes some time getting used to “Cyber Whirlwind” you’ll have to be patient but once you’ve done so the album is like a whirlwind of influences and styles. Just there for you to explore. The more I listen to the record the more I like it. It’s like their tag says; not for those into fast-food music. Anders Ekdahl

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