FAIRYLAND “Osyrhianta”

(Massacre Records)

Battle Helm Rating

If I were to just go by the album covers on the three previous albums by this French band they would be one of my fave ones. I am not a great fantasy fan when it comes to literature (basically because I don’t read books anymore) but I do like the imagery and the stories of fantasy movies. I have really high hopes for this album to be a massive power metal punch. Pretty much like Rhapsody was the first time I heard them all these years ago. What I like about this kind of power metal is that it at times feels like being at the movies. It is big, it is grand and most of all it is good stuff. On a non related theme I get a Bal-Sagoth feeling from this even though the two bands have nothing in common. This I really like. I can close my eyes and let a movie play in my head as I listen. This is bigger than life metal. Anders Ekdahl

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