FAITH X TRACTOR “The Great Shadow Infiltrator”

“The Great Shadow Infiltrator”
FAITH X RACTOR is another band that is as blank as the document I use right now. I have not heard of them prior to receiving this album. I have no idea what to expect because there is no press release telling me what to expect. I’ll have to go in blindly on this one. It does start on a positive note. This sounds like a mix of death and funeral doom to my ears. It is slow, it is heavy and it feels like it comes from the deepest pits of hell. There is a charm to this sort of death doom that is hard to explain if you haven’t heard it before. There is nothing grand or epic about this. This is all about death and despair. You will not be sitting with a smile on your lips after having listened to this album. But you will feel cleansed of your mortal coil. Anders Ekdahl

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