FALCUN “Kingdom Come”

”Kingdom Come”
(Eat Metal Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Hearing Indian FALCUN brings me to when I heard Skullview the first time in 1998. This is pure heavy metal nostalgia. Not done in a parodic format, but instead in highest praise. I could write all kind of stuff about old school and NWOBHM but the fact is that there is a movement nowadays that goes under the banner of NewWaveOfTraditionalHeavyMetal (NWOTHM) that FALCUN fits right in with. And as much as this reminds me of stuff like Sweden’s Heavy Load and a whole host of similar 80s acts this also brings a smile to lips as it shows that heavy metal is and will always be alive. And that to me is pure love. “Kingdom Come” is an album full of cool traditional heavy metal that should be enjoyed by everybody everywhere. Anders Ekdahl

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