FALL AGAINST FATE “If Not For Ourselves”

“If Not For Ourselves”
I know that metalcore still is the fad of the day but surely isn’t it about time to move on. How much more can you milk this cow? While being resistant to begin with most metalcore bands win me over in the end. Had there not been a Meshuggah I’m pretty sure Fall Against Fate would not have sounded the way they do. They might not even had existed. If Meshuggah are the grand-fathers of metalcore then Fall Against Fate is the abrasive nephew, in his refusal thinking that he’s invented the wheel again. This isn’t anything we haven’t heard before but look being the chaotic surroundings and you find a sound that is trying to be diverse. It’s not just the usual chest beating US metalcore that we’re used to. This British mob really try to bring something different to the sound. Maybe not the stuff I’d start my day with but good enough for me to digest at lunch. Anders Ekdahl

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