FALLEN FATE “Into The Black”

“Into The Black”
I love classic thrash metal. Is there anything greater than a Forbidden or Testament album? Yeah, they are second wave but still classic enough for me to put them up there with the Big 4. So whenever I get the chance to hear a thrash metal album in that vein I jump on it. FALLEN FATE has that really cool thrash vibe to their music, like a cross between Kreator and Testament. So if you like your thrash both melodic as well as aggressive then FALLEN FATE has the sound for you. The more I listen to this the more I get a melodic death metal feeling too. This is kinda like listening to Swedish bands like Darkane or Defaced or The Forsaken. Bands that are borderline thrash/death metal. You can call this whatever you like but to me this is simply cool. Anders Ekdahl

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