FALLS OF RAUROS “The Light That Dwells In Rotten Woods”

“The Light That Dwells In Rotten Woods”
There’s atmospheric and then there is Atmospheric. While the former can have its moments it is the latter that brings out the tears and the snotty blanket. The one that turns the hardest of the hardest into the softest and gentlest of them all. Falls Of Rauros might have gotten their name from Tolkien but there ends the similarities. This is not some grand adventure. No, it is more like a journey through the deepest of the deepest forests in search of the heart of nature. If you thought black metal only was pure evil you need to lend this an ear or two because Falls Of Rauros, along with a myriad of like-minded US bands prove that black metal can be so much more. I liked this from the first note and I’ll keep on liking it for a long time. It’s so beautiful that I almost shed a tear or two listening to it. Anders Ekdahl

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