FALLSTAF “Bastard Son Of A full Breed”

”Bastard Sons Of A Full Breed”
I’m have no relationship to brass instruments whatsoever. They say that saxophone is the saddest instrument ever but that doesn’t make it a great instrument to use in doom metal. Canadian Fallstaf seems to think that adding brass instruments to their metal is a good idea. I’m not too sure about that. We’ll have to wait and see what I think once I’m through this album. The metal side of this album is the kind of metal that is full of flexed muscles and testosterone, pretty much the kind of metal I have a hard time to follow. I simply don’t understand metalcore enough to fully appreciate the experience. That apart I see no point in having brass instruments if they aren’t prominent in the sound picture, like a keyboard. But that is not my decision to make. As for me liking this or not. In small doses I can fully appreciate it. In full I’m more hesitant. In my ears it gets too repetitive in the long run. It’s too much male aggression and too little variation for it to be anything other than a decent metal album. Too bad because I could have done with an aggressive metal album right about now. Anders Ekdahl

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