Famous Underground – “Famous Underground”

Famous Underground – “Famous Underground” (Dust On The Tracks Record)

If you’re a fan of kick ass US rock a la Skid Row, then look no further than Canada’s Famous Underground, who follow hot on their heels! Formed by ex Slik Toxic frontman Nick Walsh, whose band achieved gold status in Canada with their full length debut “Doin’ The Nasty” and took home the 1993 Juno Award (Canada’s version of the Grammy) for Best Album of The Year, expect lashings of driving hard rock riffs, Seb Bach-esque vocals and solid rhythms on hammering songs like ‘Dead Weight’ and ‘Overdrive’. Elsewhere, Walsh shows his panache in giving GnR a successor to ‘Rocket Queen’ on ‘Mommy Is A Junkie’, and even pays classy tribute to Layne Staley n Alice In Chains in the deep n down tuned ‘Hell To Pay’. With his veteran credentials the material speaks for itself i.e. energetic 4 minute slabs of power with meaty hooks, proving that Walsh, along with partner in crime and bassist Laurie-Anne Green, show no signs in waning from their life-long dedication to hard rock music.

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