FAREWELL TO ARMS “Perceptions”

The day I stop finding it interesting to discover new bands is the day I’ll put away my slippers for good. 90% of the fun about this is discovering new bands. The remaining 10% is keeping up with them when they release new albums. Farewell To Arms are being described as a melodic death/thrash metal band. A description not too far off. In my ears though this sound like a million wannabe metalcore bands that have ripped off In Flames more times than they’ve been credited with. I’m not saying that Farewell To Arms are a rip off, it’s just that what they do isn’t new in any sense of the word. With this kind of metal I often tend to phase out after a track or two simply because this kind of music tends to become formulaic; the growl v/s the clean singing. Had Farewell To Arms gotten rid of most of the clean vocals this would have been a so much better album than the good album it is. Anders Ekdahl

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