Farraday – “Shade Of Love”

Farraday – “Shade Of Love” (AOR Heaven)

Farraday is a new melodic rock project born in Greece only last year! Made up of the duo of Roy Da Vis, who composes, sings, plays guitars & keyboards along with Stathis Spiliotopoulos, who drums, produces and also supports with backing vocals, Farraday is the culmination of years of collaborations, projects & live performances between these two in making their dreams come true for their love of melodic rock music. With a heavy influence from early Bon Jovi (the clue being in Roy’s first band when he was 16 called – you guessed it – Bad Medicine that was produced by – you guessed it – Stathis!) songs like ‘Can’t Wait On Love’, ‘Breakin’ Down’ and ‘Tonight’ predictably feature crooning heart breaker vocals, drippy keyboard melodies and silk soft rhythms. It’s not a bad effort I suppose for 2 guys although at times the tempo seems a little lethargic. I guess the album was recorded over a period of time and the standard of musicianship is not near the stratospheric levels of Bon Jovi – although maybe I’m asking too much lol! Still, as a tribute album to both the sound and style of 80s melodic rock it’s a worthy enough purchase if anything for the dedicated memories alone.

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