FASTER PUSSYCAT “The Power & The Glory Hole”

“The Power & The Glory Hole”
(Rock It Up)
I never really cared for the glam/hair bands of the 80s. I knew of the Pretty Boy Floyd’s and Poison’s of the world but they never ever did anything for me. Nowadays I’m old enough to admit that these bands might have had some great music going for them. So it is with some anticipation that I take on FASTER PUSSYCAT (in itself a reference to a Russ Meyer film called Faster Pussycat Kill Kill – a 60s classic) in 2013 just to see what they are up to today. I remember FASTER PUSSYCAT to be a band that got you in a good mood. And with all the Crash Diet’s of this world there might not be room for these old dudes. What struck me at first was how modern they are in sound today. It kinda reminded me of a more hardrockish Marilyn Manson. Or is it Shotgun Messiah that I’m thinking of. Whatever! This was so much harder and heavier than I ever expected them to be. I like it. Anders Ekdahl

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