Fastway – “Eat Dog Eat”

“Eat Dog Eat”
(Steamhammer / SPV)

Fast Eddie!?!? Man, was I looking forward to anything that this guy puts out. Eddie Clarke is the legendary guitarist who defined Motorhead’s classic albums – and then some! Known as ‘fast’ cos of his speed intake (as well as output), Eddie went to form Fastway with UFO’s infamous bassist, Pete Way in the late 80s. But that was pretty much it for the next 21 years until now when the murmurs of a new album started to surface from SPV. Man was I stoked! The album cover had me slavering just like the black beast on it. And then I realized it had Tony Jepson on it….ok, mebbe the man has a dark side but Little Angels – WTF!? So what we have on songs like ‘Dead And Gone’, ‘Sick As A Dog’ and the aptly titled ‘Loving Fool’ are 10 tracks that are more mellow and funky a la Zepp than original Fastway which was more hard rock n roll. Still, it sorta works largely thanks to the pedigree of Eddie Clarke’s solid guitar work. I really don’t know why he didn’t up and do a Dave Mustaine by coming back with a meaner version of Motorhead cos he could have but at least he still left me wiv enough braincells to remember those ear shattering gigs of the 70s / 80s.

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