FATAL ERROR “Conglomerate”

Metal Scrap Records)
OK, so the intro sucked but once the music started we were thrown into a really heavy metalcore assault. Or is it a Meshuggah insanity we are experiences. This is so heavy that I at first thought that something must have broken in my CD-player or that something might break from the sheer heaviness of the opening track. And it keeps going like that. The heaviness is so prevalent that you can’t help wondering if you ingested something bad that slows down your physical reactions. If you could imagine that Meshuggah have gone metalcore but dropped all the breakdowns and the rest of the metalcore antics then you are closer to understanding Fatal Error. This is death metal heavy without being death metal. This is Soulfly eclectic without being Soulfly. This is industrial weird without being industrial. What it is is just plain heavy. I like it. Anders Ekdahl

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