FATALITY “Psychonaut”

I must admit that I’ve stayed away from Canadian FATALITY by choice. I’ve read their blogs and I’ve seen their pictures and I haven’t been too impressed. For some reason I have huge problems with humour mixed with music. I do get the fun of Tenacious D but I wasn’t really a fan of bands like Lawnmower Deth or Metal Duck in the 80s. But in fairness I’ll give FATALITY a chance. Who knows, they might prove me wrong. I do remember that I did like bands like Wehrmacht and Gang Green in the 80s but I have no idea how they’d stand up to scrutiny today. FATALITY do sound decent enough for me to like them which is a good start. I am not totally devoid of any humour. I just don’t get it when it is mixed with music. And while this lot might not be the most serious act around they are serious enough for me to like this album. Anders Ekdahl

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