Fate – “If Not For The Devil”


Fate – “If Not For The Devil” (Avenue Of Allies)

Going all the way back to the mid 80s, Fate were formed by non other than Hank Shermann after Mercyful Fate’s break up. In complete contrast, Fate were an AOR band but went on to release 4 albums before their own split and hiatus for over a decade. After a reunion show sowed the seeds for a reformation, Fate got back together in the last two years with a brand new line up except for bassist Peter Steincke, the sole remaining founder member. Still, the style hasn’t changed being true to 80s AOR – and powerful stuff it is too! With heaps of melody and harmonies from Dagfinn Joensen’s high squeaky clean vocals to the backing harmonies and keyboards there’s certainly plenty of heart felt passion to croon a lady to on catchy songs like ‘Feel Like Making Love’ and ‘Hard To Say Goodbye’. However, Fate are one of these bands that also have a hard edge that rockers can appreciate, whether it’s in Torben Enevoldsen’s fiery soloing or the forceful rhythms that give the rockers like ‘Made Of Stone’ and the epic ‘My World’ some real quality and class. I was mightily impressed by his album: superb songs, super melody – and some balls to go with it all – what more can you ask of Fate?

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