Fateful Finality – “Battery”


Fateful Finality – “Battery” (Steamhammer)

Following the release of their acclaimed debut, Fateful Finality went on to become the winners of the Wacken Metal Battle Germany 2012 – as if fate had indeed played a hand in their achievement! Since then the band have been hard at work on this sophomore of modern thrash that takes in all the greats from Lamb Of God to Pantera to The Haunted – right down to the probably Metallica inspired album title and Testament like cover. Friends since their nursery school days (!), Fateful Finality are certainly a tight outfit, recording 15 tracks live and short listing them to the 11 killers that make up “Battery”. Expect raw, throat strained vocals, heavy jumping rebounding riffs and heaps of catchy Kirk Hammett melodies that would leave even Metallica doing a double take on songs like ‘Never There’, ‘Dirt In The Closet’ and ‘Suck Me Dry’. In a region of southern Germany where famous international brands such as Porsche, Daimler and Bosch are more commonplace, Fateful Finality have now added their own name in a future where we will hear a lot more of this promising young thrash metal band.

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