FATHER BEFOULED “Revulsions Of Seraphic Grace”

“Revulsions Of Seraphic Grace”
(Dark Descent)
Ever since I heard Incantation’s “Onward To Golgotha” I’ve been in love with their death metal. It speaks to the nether regions of my in a way that few other bands do. So when I heard Father Befouled the first time I felt like I had found a band that could tie me over until I could get my hands on a new Incantation album. But now Father Befouled has become something more than a mere substitute. They have become a compliment. This is the caveman version of death metal. There’s nothing fancy or swaggering about this. This is deep down in the earth dirty death metal. This is end of the world death metal. And it is so darn good that I can play it over and over and not get fed up with it. Blast away at full volume and all false preachers will disintegrate. Anders Ekdahl

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