FEANOR “We Are Heavy Metal”

“We Are Heavy Metal”

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No matter what you think of Manowar you gotta give them the cred for having made some really cool metal albums in their days. And it is with that in mind I take on FEANOR. This is to me what muscle metal is all about. “We Are Heavy Metal”! Have you seen a clearer declaration of intent lately? The title says it all. Chest pounding and manlier than manly guitar riffs all over the place. Done the right way this will be epic. Done the wrong way and it’ll be the worst joke in history. So if you have issues with this kind of metal then you should stay well clear of this album. If you like galloping drums and guitar riffs that makes your ears bleed then you should lend this one an ear or two. Nothing revolutionary or anything but a nice break from every day bullshit. Anders Ekdahl

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