Fear Factory – “The Industrialist”

Fear Factory – “The Industrialist” (AFM Records)

“….They said that the world was coming to an end. Well… it ended and it was caused by our own hand. The world just kept on turning….”. Fear Factory have never been afraid to experiment. Since their genre creating inception in the late 80s, this industrial death metal band have been blending various styles with the common thread of mixing fearsome brutality with melodies. With the experimentation extending also into band members’ personal careers – and not without friction – their previous opus “Mechanize” did little to dispel any doubts given the departure of OG drummer Raymond Herrera and bassist Christian Olde Wolbers. Well, “The Industrialist” is not without controversy, given that it is essentially a joint effort between vocalist Burton C Bell and guitarist Dino Cazares, who has handled all the instruments including drum programming. Ironically based around the concept where a machine becomes human and realizes its own humanity, songs like ‘God Eater’, ‘Religion Is Flawed Because Man Is Flawed’ and ‘Difference Engine’ feature perfect rapid fire brutal precision drumming, soothing atmospheric keyboard harmonies, industro-synth melodies and raw shredding guitar from Cazares, while Bell’s diverse vocals provide the equivalent matching style be it raw throat strained to soulful to roaring. This might be Fear Factory’s most perfect album to date, that much of it is fabricated using machines is what needs to be rationalized….

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