FEN “Dustwalker”

This is one band that I have been looking forward to hear. I have known of the band for some time now but I have had a hard time locating any of their previous releases. Now with a release on Italian Code666 more people will have the chance to hear this English band. I get a very mythological feeling listening to this, if that makes any sense at all. I got that same feeling the first time I heard Emperor too. Like there’s a side to the band that is hidden in mystery. A side to the band that shouldn’t be explored. This is music to wander the meadows to in the early morning mist. This is the kind of blackish metal that transcends the border between reality and fiction. You never know where it’ll take you but as long as you are open enough it will guide you. This pretty much made all my expectations come true. Now I gotta run out and locate the previous releases. Anders Ekdahl

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