FERRETT “Year Of The FerreT”

“Year Of The FerreT”
Glam metal wasn’t my thing when it happened in the 80s/90s. Poison was just that to me (unless it was the German extreme metal band Poison), Cinderella, Warrant, Pretty Boy Floyd and whatever they were called were either to sugary for my taste or just plain awful. But I’m not less of a man to admit that under all that makeup and hair spray hid some really great songs. FERRETT is a strange beast. I don’t really know where I have them. Do they want to be a heavy metal band, a glam metal band or a jokish Tenacious D kind of band? I can’t say that this is the kind of stuff that I listen to on any sort of regular basis. The positive part of this is that it anin’t too bad. There are parts of it that I like. I just don’t know where I have them. Anders Ekdahl

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