FERRETT ” Snow on FerreTT Mountain ”

” Snow on FerreTT Mountain ”

Battle Helm Rating

I reviewed this lots album back in 2013. Back then I felt that this was kinda jokish. I still get that feeling today but there is something about this that appeals to me. Glam metal might not be my forte but when done well or tongue in cheek then even I can find it appealing. And this is to me done with a bit of tongue in cheek. Why else would you cover Wham’s “Last Christmas”? This is just an EP to tie up the wait for the third album and as that it does work. It makes me want to hear another full album. There is a very clear and present Ratt vibe to the music and that to me is a thumbs up. Listening to this today I realize that I might have been too hard on them the last time. This is actually good. Anders Ekdahl

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