FETUS IN FETU ”Mongolian Meatfarm”

”Mongolian Meatfarm”
(Narcoleptica Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

Brutal death metal from Denmark is not my staple diet. I don’t know when was the last time I heard a brutal death metal album from a Danish band. But it is nice to see (hear) that the Danish brethren aren’t shy of doing something brutal and not just “hygge seg”. This is the kind of death metal where you need a lyric sheet to understand a word the singer growls. This is some seriously heavy stuff. if you like your death metal filled with speed and melodies you are looking at the wrong band. if you on the other hand like your death metal mosh friendly so that you and your pals can slam to it then this is your kinda stuff. I on the other hand stand on the sideline, a bit sceptic about what I actually think about this.

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