FETUS STENCH “Stillbirth”

I’ve been waiting for this album for a while now. My expectations are quite high that this Swedish band will deliver a monolith of a death metal album. That this will be the ball breaker I’ve been waiting for. And what a ball breaker it is. From the word go this is a rollercoaster ride that only goes down. You’re taken on a ride that will have you gasping for air all the way. This is blasting death metal that takes no prisoners. It only leaves victims in its trail. Join the ride or end up maimed and dismembered. A full on blast that will leave you sweaty and tired, and that is just from the first ride. There are 8 more to go before you reach the end of the line. Who needs expensive diet courses when you have Fetus Stench to burn off all that excessive fat? Anders Ekdahl

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