FIENDS AT FEAST “Towards The Baphomet’s Throne”

“Towards The Baphomet’s Throne”
It is not necessary to have any expectations on a band to fully enjoy the outcome. I have no idea where this band are from or what to expect. But with an open mind and two ears finely tuned in I’ll take this on with confidence. What is it with all these intros? Get on with it will you. I don’t know if it is age that has made me more patience but there used to be a time when I almost couldn’t stand bands that play mid tempo. Nowadays I have more understanding of mid tempo and can actually like it. FIENDS AT FEAST are not the most blast per minute kind of band. Instead they seem to go for the heavier approach. It kinda makes me think of Morbid Angel without even sounding like MA. It is just that they got that groove that MA too have (had?). I like this not so full on death metal that FAF play. Anders Ekdahl

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