FIMBULVINTER “Начертаны резы древних заклятий”

“Начертаны резы древних заклятий”
(Symbol Of Domination)

Battle Helm Rating

I really hope we won’t ever experience a FIMBULVINTER because that would mean that the end of the world is drawing nearer. There have been times where it has felt like the end is drawing near. But luckily that has just been passing winter storms. Based on the wintery theme on this release I kinda expected them to be in the vein of Immortal but this is much more heavy metal than I that. It is still a cool musical piece of record. There are of course traces of black metal in it. The vocals to start with and some song structure but the over all impression is that this is black heavy metal with a slight Dissection vibe. Anders Ekdahl

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