FINAL TRIGGER “Skrap Metal Vol II”

“Skrap Metal Vol II”
OK, rap metal was never a great idea. Not even when Anthrax did it. I don’t know what it is about hip hop and metal that for most times don’t gel. The soundtrack to Judgement Night, as innovative as it wants to be does not work in all its totality. My first thought was that this was what in Swedish is called “skitnödigt”, meaning that they seem to try too hard to be cool and hard guys. But this is not as bad as some of the rap metal of the 90s was. There is actually a cool groove to it that saves it from falling head first onto concrete. At times it is just a metal album, just like Ice-T’s Body Count was just a metal band. I’m glad that I got to hear this album because as strange as it may seem it has enriched my metal life. Anders Ekdahl

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