FINISTER ”Please Take Your Time”

”Please Take Your Time”
(Red Cat Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I liked FINISTER’s debut album. Which makes me quite interested in hearing this new one. This one seem to continue in the same way that the previous did. Perhaps a bit darker and more sinister. There is that feeling that something lurks in the dark, ready to attack at any given time. I didn’t really realize this the last time around but this do remind me of Radiohead to some extent but it does also bring to mind completely different stuff like Portishead and stuff like that, that basically hasn’t got anything to do with rock at all. While not being as psychedelic as I thought it would be there is still that sniff of it about this album. But mostly it leave me with the feeling of having heard a rocked up (and with rocked up I don’t mean a full on blast) version of a band like the aforementioned Portishead. This is really introvert stuff. And I like it. This time too. Anders Ekdahl

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